Revolutionary Speaker for Sales Leadership, Barrett Riddleberger

Barrett Riddleberger is a sales speaker specializing in research on what makes up a top performing sales organization – especially Salespeople and Sales Managers.

Those who know Barrett Riddleberger want to hear him speak. Those who don’t know him need to hear him speak.
— Charles Tuttle, President, The PEN Group

With a dynamic, “No-Fluff” style, Barrett Riddleberger has thrilled business leaders throughout North America with his unique and unparalleled approach to sales team development.

Barrett Riddleberger dispenses with pie-in-the-sky theories to bring real-world, scientific research that makes positive and significant change happen within sales organizations.

Your high energy, dynamic speaking style and vast knowledge of sales performance held everyone’s attention for the entire hour and left us wanting more!
— Ron Taylor, President, A&D Environmental