A Holistic Approach to Implementing Sales Training Programs Works Best

Improving Sales HolisticallySales training can help a company grow by leaps and bounds but it needs to be properly utilized to be fully effective.

Writing for the online edition of OnPoint Magazine, Mark Slatin says that using sales training “in a vacuum” is not always helpful for a company but that a commitment from senior management to the excellence of the company is critical.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales consulting firm, says he agrees with Slatin’s premise.

“Improving a company’s sales requires top down commitment from senior leadership for a greater good for the company and employees,” said Riddleberger.

Riddleberger says that his sales training programs get to the heart of the issue, which is often how a person is motivated.

“Tying their performance improvement plan to those core motivators is critical. In our sales training program, asking and discussing the concept of ‘why’ is an integral part of how we train,” he said. “Knowing why someone would do something opens up great possibilities for a sales manager when hiring, coaching or leading salespeople.”

The CEO added that sales assessments can also uncover and measure such motivating factors in potential hires.

Riddleberger said that companies must ultimately take a holistic approach when seeking to improve sales.