Achieve Company Growth Through Re-Invigorating Sales

Re-invigorating Sales Can BoostA business’s lifeblood is its sales team as this department is vital to bringing in new customers and thus revenue and (hopefully) profits. Due to its importance, one should always be looking for ways to improve a sales force.

Writing in Entrepreneur Magazine, Scott Gerber says that businesses must always be growing if they want to be successful. The easiest way to grow is through sales, and Gerber offers a number of tips to help a company re-energize its sales.

One of the ways Gerber suggests increasing a company’s sales is by offering incentives such as free meals and gift cards to customers who refer them. By taking this “2-for-1” approach, he said that his company saw increased sales.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said that he agrees with many of Gerber’s points, which also include adjusting keyword strategies to increase search engine optimization.

Riddleberger said that getting back to the basics is a good way to start re-energizing sales.

“Getting focused on the essentials is what many companies today should do,” he said. “As organizations expand and grow, they can lose sight of the basics and fail to respond effectively with the rapid changes of business.”

The CEO said that some effective ways to re-invigorate a sales team include updating marketing materials and strategies, up-selling to existing clients and re-structuring sales territories. In addition, he said that “re-vamping new lead generation strategies” can also be an effective route to improving sales.

Riddleberger said evaluating sales managers and salespeople is a good way to identify areas in which the team can improve.

“Evaluating the personal skills of sales reps and sales managers through in-depth sales assessments can shed light on performance issues that can be addressed before quotas and revenues are adversely affected,” he said.

One thing that Riddleberger and Gerber appear to agree on is simplifying parts of the sales process. Gerber said that his company simplified and refined some of its communications materials with customers to make things more straightforward. Riddleberger says that salespeople can be given more time to actually sell products if order entry processes are streamlined and CRM tools are simplified.

Sales should never be overlooked by executives who are looking for ways to re-energize their company.