Adjusting Sales Training for the Next Generation

Sales training the next generationBusinesses need to adjust to the younger generations in order to sustain growth in the changing world economy. Companies that try and mold their new employees into a specific salesperson may not be successful due to the generation gap.

Sales training strategies may need to focus around a younger generation of representatives, as many of the young workers that are hired can differ from their older managers in various ways.

The new generation of employees has grown up in a different business environment, as many schools do not teach their students about sales. The young representatives may spend too much time reciting prepared arguments and pitches instead of eliciting customer concerns, according to an article from

Younger representatives also may differ in the way that they present themselves in terms of body language, as they focus more on what is being said than the manner of the speech and delivery, the business website reported.

It is important that the younger salespeople are taught to respect the person to whom they are making the pitch. These individuals need to know that the representative is appreciative of the time that the client has taken to speak with them, according to Inc.

Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, noted that the mentor relationship with younger salespeople is also important in terms of training, as the younger generation likes to be shown how to do something instead of just told what to do.

“They also like to work in an environment where they feel comfortable – trust exists between them and those they report to,” Riddleberger explained.

Companies have gone as far as to set up small communities where the employees reside together, at the site of the corporate campuses. The relationships and the atmosphere that are fostered within these communities can help to boost productivity, reported the Resolution Systems CEO.

Along with these innovative strategies, many companies are implementing the latest technology in order to provide more time for actual sales training. By using a product like the Marketo Sales Insight, new representatives can save time by letting the program handle the administrative aspects of the job.

The best bets and watch list that are generated can allow representatives to focus on only the most important leads and opportunities while providing a chatter stream function so that the sales department can work together to help generate new business, according to AppExchange.