Best Buy Contemplates Providing Salespeople with iPads

IpadsTechnological innovations can help salespeople better perform their jobs and electronics retail giant Best Buy is exploring the possibility of giving its sales force iPads and other tablets.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy is exploring the possibility of employing such technologies as part of a pilot program that seeks to provide more hands-on experience for customers in stores.

A Best Buy representative said that the company is indeed looking into using tablets for its sales people but that no decision has yet been made.

“While we plan in the future to supply each store a limited number of handheld devices to use as sales tools when assisting the consumer, we have not made any final decision at this time,” the representative told the news source. “We continue to evaluate all handheld devices and platforms, looking for the best solution to aid our employees on the floor.”

Sales people might not be the only ones who benefit from iPads, as sales assessments and other similar tools may find their way into the tablet marketplace. The Tulsa World reports that there are number of “apps” designed to help sales forces in a variety of ways.