Case Study: Piedmont AC

piedmont-air-conditioning12Piedmont AC is a mechanical contractor headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. The outside salespeople in this company are required to generate new business through a variety of personal prospecting methodologies. Each outside salesperson has been given specific criteria for acceptable performance.

Piedmont AC hired salespeople based on a conventional methodology of background, interviews, and role-play exercises. They also used a behavior assessment to assist in the decision-making process.

John Smith accepted a position at Piedmont AC based on his interview, past experience, and his behavior profile. He had been with the company for nine months and received comprehensive company training. Still, he was not meeting his goals as an outside salesperson.

Solution and Analysis
Resolution Systems, Inc. recommended giving John the Sales Champion Battery™ assessment to determine his profile and his “fit” with the sales role. The sales manager agreed, and John took the assessment.

The interpretation by Resolution Systems, Inc. revealed that John, as suspected by the sales manager, was not a good fit for the sales role and the reasons were clearly listed and detailed within the Sales Champion Battery™ assessment. John’s clarity of thinking was very low.

John scored below average in goal directedness, results orientation, and handling stress, as well as many other categories. John’s cognitive structure was a complete mis-fit for the role of an outside salesperson.

The sales manager asked Resolution Systems, Inc. if John should have ever been hired. With the results of the Sales Champion Battery™ assessment, Resolution Systems, Inc. could confidently say that John was not a fit for the position.

The direct cost of hiring John Smith, training, and attempting to develop him for nine months was approximately $70,000. The indirect costs of lost sales opportunities and sales management time well exceeded those direct costs.

This case study is a classic example of the effectiveness of the Sales Champion Battery™ assessment. Had the sales manager utilized this tool before hiring John Smith, he would have saved himself considerable money, time, and energy and hired a different candidate – one who was much more compatible with the sales role.

The sales manager indicated that the effectiveness of the Sales Champion Battery™ assessment was definitely worth implementing throughout the entire company. Piedmont AC does not hire new salespeople without first consulting Resolution Systems, Inc.