Cold Calling Tips And Techniques

Cold callingRepresentatives know the importance of cold calling, as this practice is the most common way for companies to get new business and to generate new leads.

A sales management team has to realize the importance of teaching new and innovative ideas to their representatives, as these individuals need to have the latest techniques at hand so they are as effective as possible.

According to Heather Kivett, president of Resolution Systems, Inc., there are several things that representatives need to keep in mind when it comes to cold calling. Everyone has a script and general value propositions that they want to make, but it is getting to the point where this can be presented to the buyer that presents the most difficulty for salespeople.

“Be respectful and don’t be manipulative,” said the executive. “Courtesy is never a bad thing and finding the tone that combines being polite and assertive can lead to a high level of success.”

Representatives have to make each call with a sense of purpose. They have to convey an air of confidence concerning the industry that they are in through thorough correspondence and detailed knowledge of their product or service, according to Kivett.

“Representatives need to leverage what they are already doing within the same vertical,” said the executive. “They have to convey the fact that they are already working within companies in the same industry and they called because their product or service can fill a specific need that their business might have.”

The sooner that a representative brings credibility to their position, the sooner they will be able to make the sale or at least speak with someone who has the ability to make a purchase. By identifying themselves as someone who is knowledgeable within the vertical, they will sound more legitimate to the other company.

From this point a representatives can ask specific questions about who handles certain operations within the company, and potentially get an appointment for future correspondence with specific individuals.

According to the executive, the time of day in which the call is made is important within certain industries. If a representative is calling a restaurant to try and make a sale they should not be phoning into the establishment during the lunch rush hour. Salespeople need to have knowledge of the vertical they are in prior to dialing their potential clients.