Comprehensive Strategies to Grow Revenue

RSI Helps grow revenueResolution Systems, Inc., has been providing eCornell, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornell University, with strategic sales consulting services for more than two months and has helped the organization nearly double its revenue.

The sales consulting firm, led by CEO Barrett Riddleberger, has been helping eCornell in a variety of capacities, providing them with sales benchmarking and sales assessments to help them hire quality salespeople, sales training that will help the staff hone a consistent and repeatable selling process and follow-up sales coaching to help sales reps take what they have learned and apply it to real-world situations.

By working with eCornell, which is an online learning service for for professional and executive development, in this capacity, Resolution Systems has built on its previous relationship with the organization. Earlier, the sales consulting firm had worked with eCornell’s retail sales team, which consisted of enrollment counselors who sold courses to students.

Riddleberger, who is not only Resolution Systems’ CEO but its founder as well, said that eCornell was committed to developing its sales staff by implementing sales training and other services offered by his firm.

“Too often companies want a quick fix,” he said. “But eCornell has taken a true ‘best practices’ approach to developing its salespeople and the managers who lead them. By focusing on smart hiring, effective training and extensive follow-up, they are building a sustainable model that can deliver significant returns for years to come.”

Maureen Updike, the vice president of Human Resources, Student Services and Retail Sales for eCornell, said that Resolution Systems has helped the organization grow.

“Resolution Systems has become a trusted partner to our business,” she said. “They’ve helped us build a powerful continuous learning model focused on individual improvement and on transitioning concepts into action. We’ve watched our team members take what they’ve learned in the classroom and on coaching calls and immediately begin to apply it in the field – improving our close rates and impacting our revenue.”

The education service has helped educate 36,000 students in nearly 200 countries by providing them with instruction in hospitality management, human resources, financial management and leadership and management development.

Resolution Systems’ work with eCornell has paid large dividends for the education service, as it was a finalist in the “Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year” category in the 2011 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Not only has it been receiving award nominations but it has experienced 86 percent year-over-year growth in revenues after beginning to work with Resolution Systems.

Virtually every company can benefit from improving its sales staff by utilizing sales assessments and sales coaching, as the case of eCornell illustrates.