Create Better Sales Areas with Territory Management Software

Territory ManagementTerritories that are targeted by companies need to be efficiently organized in order to optimize lead generation and to reduce repeat dialing. Sales management teams may want to invest in new technology that can help ease the process of aligning customers and geographic regions.

TerrAlign is an application that can provide managers with an optimal design for their territory structures. Salespeople can modify alignments using maps and reports that are integrated into a Salesforce database, according to AppExchange.

Managers can help improve the morale of their sales staff through the reduction in turnover that is provided by TerrAlign, according to the application provider.

Companies may be able to cut travel expenses if their sales territories are organized in an efficient manner. The application can help to realign these areas by using the built-in field management knowledge, according to the company website.

Market data can be integrated into a field report, as the Salesforce interface adjusts the appropriate data automatically. Distinct industries are targeted by the application, removing unnecessary information from territory management alignments, TerrAlign reported.