Elements of an Effective Sales Manager

What makes a sales managerLeadership is important in many aspects of the business world but it may be even more crucial in sales.

A recent article on the website of Selling Power magazine offers an informative test for people to see whether or not they are cut out for a sales leadership position.

The article offers a variety of tips for aspirant sales managers, the first being keeping workers informed of one’s plans. By doing this, managers can allow workers to see their vision and participate in helping the team reach goals.

There are a number of other tips offered in the article such as making sure that one gives relevant and steady feedback to workers to make sure that they know where they stand, listening to each and every person in the company and thinking about how what they say could help the company and setting a good example every single day to show workers what is expected of them.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales consulting firm, also has a number of insights to offer sales managers.

“Do you have a desire to coach?” is one of the first questions Riddleberger said aspiring sales managers should ask themselves.

“Coaching is not telling a rep what to do as much as it is drawing out their talent,” said the executive. “Effective sales coaches are the best managers because they don’t attempt to control their reps. Instead they empower them to think for themselves and take corrective action on their own with their sales manager supporting the process.”

Another factor that Riddleberger said distinguishes effective sales managers from ineffective ones is knowing when they are being misled. Strong sales managers will be able to tell whether or not a salesperson is being honest with them or trying to cover up their poor performance.

“A sharp mind and insights into the human condition go a long way in preventing poor performers from extending their stay too long or good performers making excuses for ‘taking a few days off,'” Riddleberger said.

Riddleberger also says that having political savvy is important for sales managers as many leaders of other departments may have personal agendas that conflict with the manager’s vision for the sales force.

By testing themselves against these standards, potential managers may be able to tell whether or not they have what it takes to lead a strong sales team.