Executives Say They Expect Sales To Rise

CEOs expect economic growA number of CEOs from major U.S. companies say they expect sales to increase in the coming months.

In addition to the rosy outlook for sales, the members of The Business Roundtable, a group of executives, said that they also expect hiring to increase, with many companies bringing on new workers, reports CNN. These factors likely mean that many businesses will be hiring salespeople.

About 60 percent of the executives in the group said that they believe there will be increased investments in the economy in the next six months.

“Our CEOs see momentum in the economy over the next six months, with increased demand fueling greater investment and job creation,” Ivan Seidenberg, chairman of The Business Roundtable and CEO of Verizon, told the news source.

With this potential expansion, businesses may want to capitalize by hiring salespeople to grow their businesses. When bringing on sales reps, a company may want to perform sales assessments as these can help identify candidates that have the traits needed to succeed.

Once new hires are brought on, a quality sales training program can help integrate them into a company’s sales team.