Finding A Pain Point With A Prospect

Finding a pain pointThe concept of a sales pain, creating or finding a pain point with a prospect and exploiting this, is a strategy that has been employed for many years in the business of selling.

A sales management team may want to address the issue of a sales pain and convey to their representatives the correct way to find one and then use it to their advantage without going as far as exploiting it.

While it is important to note that prospects will often purchase because of a pain or necessity, not every client is going to do this. They may want to make the sale and representatives need to realize that they should try this angle first, according to Heather Kivett, President of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

Emotions are still a very strong driver for buyers and the representatives should respect these feelings. It is the responsibility of the salesperson to find out the reason that the potential client may buy the product or service, noted the executive.

The idea that everyone buys because of pain is wrong, as this practice is based on the current economic climate and the specific state of their business.

“The approach should be, if they have pain, to explore it so you understand it and see how your service or product can solve their problems,” said Kivett. “Do not ‘exploit’ it.”

If a representative finds the pain point and uses this as a chance to shape the sales relationship, it will come across as manipulative and will reinforce the negative perception that some people have of salespeople and the industry in general, according to the executive.

“Unfortunately there are still many companies and industries out there that use manipulative tactics to sell to consumers, and it’s often a huge turn-off,” noted Kivett. “This is why you’ve seen the growth of car dealerships where the price is the price – there’s no negotiation.”

Certain dealerships operate in this straightforward and transparent way, but other organizations will try and coax a potential buyer into making a purchase. They will often employ a strategy that makes the customer talk to the salesperson, then their finance manager and they are eventually pressured into buying something, according to the executive.

“Sales, when done correctly, is one of the most honorable occupations because you are helping someone understand their needs and provide them with a solution,” said Kivett. “If you are a salesperson you are a problem solver, business generator and trusted business advisor.”