Finding Sales Leads In Strange Places

Sales LeadsThe concept of finding sales leads is one that should not be restricted to a specific set of practices. There are often times when a chance encounter will result in an interaction between two people that can benefit from each other’s businesses.

A sales management team must work hand-in-hand with their representatives in order to establish a quality stream of potential leads. While it is important to lay down this type of framework for obtaining new business, salespeople should be taught to look for potential clients in all situations.

While the potential client may think that a chance encounter is completely accidental, representatives can create these situations if they are aggressive and persistent in their methods.

Heather Kivett, President of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, shared an example of how an intelligent representative can create opportunities for themselves because of intuition and significant effort.

Kivett noted that she had a friend who was in sales and always kept an eye open for any chances to meet a potential client or get a new lead for possible business.

“My friend was driving down the road and saw a guy walking around the top of his building,” said the executive. “So he parked his car, walked over, climbed up the ladder in the back and met this guy on the roof of his office building.”

Her friend was a representative that worked for a company that sold HVAC repair services. He noticed that the man on top of the building may be interested in something that he had to offer.

“If there’s a guy walking around the top of his roof like that he’s got to be looking at his HVAC system,” said the executive about the mentality of her friend.

Her friend’s aggressive move led to an interaction that centered around the man’s problem with the current system that they had and the fact that his employees were “roasting inside”. While he interacted with the individual in a personal manner, he waited to tell him that he was employed in that business.

After finding out the source of the man’s problem and letting him vent about the lack of service that they were receiving, the salesman made his move and introduced himself and what he did for a living. A deal was struck after a brief pitch was made and both sides came out on top, noted Kivett.

“The point of the story is to pay attention for sales opportunities because you never know when one will present itself,” said the executive.