Forecasting Improved with New Technology

ForecastingAdvising a team of employees on how to forecast can be difficult for sales management teams. There are several basic tactics that require reps to use data from past years and make basic predictions, but these may be outdated due to the new technology that has arisen.

Companies tend to rely on numbers to maximize profits and manage their business, which is done most accurately by computer-generated software applications, according to AppExchange.

SureCast by EMASYS Corporation is one of these new forecasting technologies. Utilizing a Monte Carlo simulation, the application generates statistically accurate predictions for the entire sales force, noted the application provider.

Companies can use similar simulation technology to determine the likely profit at selected confidence levels, which could take sales revenue optimization to the most effective levels, AppExchange reported.

The stage-based selling process allows salespeople to model each type of opportunity and create a customized data sheet for each of their clients using an easier interface, reported AppExchange.

“SureCast’s statistical simulation approach really works! And the support from EMASYS has been outstanding,” Paul Macler, president of Global Sourcing and Global Marketing Inc., noted on the EMASYS website.