Having the Right Mobile Technology Improves Salespeople’s Capabilities

CloudIn order to survive in the digital age, companies must be able to adjust to new technology. Bringing a sales team into the modern age is essential to any business that wishes to secure new clients and generate effective leads.

The days of salespeople sitting in an isolated room making cold calls to prospective clients are long gone, though the idea remains the same. A business needs to adjust to new mobile technology, allowing representatives to access their information from different locations.

Mobile Salesforce technology should be a part of any sales training, due to the benefits that are provided by the ability to access company information on the road. Using these tools, employees on the go are able to maintain a home base for their calls. An application on a cell phone can enhance their ability to manage client information.

Potential clients may need to contact their respective sales rep at times that are not always convenient, as business does not occur only between the hours of nine and five. Having a mobile phone with sales technology allows the user to generate client information from various locations, according to Business Software.

Along with accessing databases, mobile CRM solutions can allow for better meeting preparation, as all of essential information can be easily found. All handheld appliances can be synced to the technology, which offers a cloud solution for transferal of data, the software company reported.

Sales reps that are out in the field can use the calendar and scheduling capabilities to limit the amount of material they need to bring to different locations. Order processing can be monitored and tracked to ensure that clients receive their orders on time, reported Business software.

One example of this new technology is the Siebel Mobile Sales Application. The product can be used on handheld and wireless devices as well as remote laptop computers, and it uses interactive voice technology that is compatible with any phone, the company website reported.

Critical information regarding products, pricing and the status of orders can be accessed using the interface, which can be easily taught to new employees. Notes, orders and follow up tasks can be saved on the database, which can then be edited from remote locations.

Using the mobile sales application can also lead to fewer manual and paper based processes, which can allow for a convenient and greener approach to sales, according to Siebel.