How To Adjust A Sales Department In A Growing Company

Adjusting salesGrowth within a company tends to be a good thing, as expansion promotes increased revenue streams and the ability to hire more workers to fill the growing workload that may be created. While it is important for a sales team to adjust to the new size and scope of the business, there needs to be a return to the original ideas behind selling.

A sales management team may try to completely overhaul their department out of an effort to adhere to the new policies and structures that can be implemented when a company experiences growth. This needs to be done on a relative scale, as representatives could feel lost in the shuffle or become too confident in the status of the business.

Motivating employees should become easier with expansion, as the company has visible successes that managers can draw from. Incentives can also ease this transition, as the business will have more resources at their disposal, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

This type of growth presents managers with an opportunity for evaluations, as this time can be influential in determining the future of the company and exactly who is going to help the business enjoy further success, noted the executive.

“The company has the money to do it while they’re expanding,” said Riddleberger. “If they measure it well, it’s a great opportunity to identify sales reps that have a long term positive impact on the company.”

While this time may be difficult for managers to focus on improvement, they need to examine their representatives in order to determine which came first, the chicken or the egg, as it is important to determine if the company’s success led to individual progress, or vice versa.

“You can evaluate if this sales rep is successful because the company is doing well, or if they are successful because they are doing all the right things and is a contributing factor to why the company is doing well,” the executive noted. “It’s a great evaluation tool for leadership, and it’s a great opportunity to reward the people who are delivering.”

Improvements in leadership may come from a standardized sales process, which often occurs when a company grows and representatives have more specified goals, Selling Power reported.