How To Assess Performance At All Levels Of A Company

Assess PerformanceThere is a distinct difference between employees who occupy different roles at a company, and it would serve a sales management team well to not use the same system of grading for these individuals.

A sales management team may want to employ several different strategies to determine the performance of the different positions within the company, including the executive level and sales managers.

The first and most important metric to use when measuring the performance of employees is to examine the specific sales goals that each individual had. It is important to find out if the salespeople and managers achieve the numbers that were assigned to them, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

“If you have a sales leader that is achieving or exceeding the sales goals and quotes for their team then that part of the assessment is done,” said the executive. “That’s the primary assessment.”

The second part of the sales assessment is determining the manner in which the sales goals were achieved and the amount of resources that were devoted to hitting the specific numbers, noted Riddleberger.

“For example, you may be able to hit quota but you have a high employee turnover,” said the executive. “That may be an indication, with all of the shake up within the organization, that the sales leader will not be able to sustain that performance because they don’t have a stabilized salesforce.”

Once these factors are determined, and the effectiveness of the representatives and the managers are measured, individuals can be assessed based on the relationships that they have with people within the company. Then the executive team can grade the performance of the individuals that were brought in for a more specific purpose, Riddleberger noted.

“If you bring someone in that’s a strong turnaround agent that you’ve brought in to turn around an underperforming organization, they’re typically on the extreme side in how they manage, but they get the job done,” said the executive. “Once they’ve stabilized the salesforce you need to bring in someone who can sustain the performance and has the management skills required to manage effectively long term.”

It is also important to keep in mind that employee feedback is necessary, as determining the ability to manage can be easier if the subordinates are asked about the performance of their manager, reported.