How to Find Management Potential Among Sales Team

Identifying Potential in SalesFinding a representative that can one day step up into a management role is one of the more difficult tasks that any company may have, as it is difficult to identify a salesperson that might be able to lead their peers.

While sales management teams can choose the most successful representative or a well-liked team player, sometimes it may benefit the business if a more holistic approach is taken to determine what employees will thrive when given a promotion.

Upper management may want to take a look at who is a successful salesperson that does not seem to be driven solely by their commission. Observation and several targeted assessments should be used to determine exactly who this individual is, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

“When I’m looking at who would make good sales manager, I’m looking at a Class B salesperson who has good communication skills, can develop rapport with a variety of different people, has been in the game and really good at drawing out the talents of somebody,” said the executive. “They are not going to come in with the concept of “managing” someone, they’re going to come in wanting to coach them.”

It is also important that this worker has a solid grasp on the many strategies that their employees may need to use in order to secure more business. While it is important to have a boss that knows how to communicate well with other workers, it may also be necessary for this individual to know the ins and outs of the selling methods for the company.

This individual has to be knowledgeable about the sales process, and excellent at customer service. A sales management staff needs to be comprised of individuals who hear a problem from a client, decide on a plan of action and then deliver on the promise that they make to the respective company, Riddleberger noted.

“When there’s a problem, be honest about it – own up to it – and move heaven and earth to fix it,” according to the executive.

To win customers back, or to keep their business, the sales management team needs to deliver on time, every time. It is essential to find individuals who are going to make this happen in order to preserve the reputation of the company, reported.