Implementing Software Helps Hampton Inn Improve Sales

Hampton Inn Tropicana Uses Sales SoftwareHampton Inn’s largest hotel recently introduced high-powered sales software to improve its sales.

The Hampton Inn Tropicana in Las Vegas is the chain’s biggest property, boasting 322 rooms. Now the company is introducing “hotel SalesPro” to help their team, which will likely end up improving sales assessments for workers.

“[The sales software] is very easy to use and our team learned it quickly,” director of sales at the Hampton Inn Tropicana Mitchell Hirschman said. “This was a great improvement over our earlier property-based sales system.”

The software includes a number of features that can help a sales team improve its numbers including a Google Maps feature that allows salespeople to easily find meeting locations and detailed reports that help salespeople monitor how well their clients are faring.

Ivonne Heringer, the sales manager at Hampton Inn, said that hotel SalesPro has increased his efficiency.

“Hotel SalesPro saves me time doing the manual paper work and gives me more time to sell,” he said. “It creates a more efficient sales process.”

This time-saving program may also give sales managers more time to work on sales coaching with their staff.