Improve Sales Success by Balancing Emotions

Balancing emotionsManagers need to realize the importance of effective sales training, as the lessons that are learned within the first several weeks of employment may shape the way that a representative handles phone correspondence for the rest of their time at the company.

A certain demeanor is required when an employee enters the world of sales, as a positive attitude mixed with competitive intensity can help to generate more leads. Failure needs to be an accepted but despised result, and confidence needs to go hand-in-hand with humility.

Balancing the range of emotions that an individual can portray may be difficulty to teach, but explaining the right amount of energy to use during correspondence can make or break a sales call.

Pro-active personalities tend to dominate the world of sales, as highly successful representatives go out and make things happen instead of waiting for results, according to

When salespeople believe in their own abilities, an attitude that can be fostered through effective sales management, their spirit and energy are kept at a high level, even when they encounter rejection and setbacks, the business website reported.

Another way to maintain a high energy level among employees is to advise salespeople to increase their daily physical activity. The nature of the exercise is not important, as briefly walking will help revitalize workers, Entrepreneur noted.

Instructing employees how to monitor their emotions during a sales call can be a difficult part of the training process, due to the wide range of personalities that make up any department. Managers should try to mix teaching the difficult aspects of the job with those that tend to be easier, such as introducing technology that eases the correspondence.

The Glance for Salesforce is a subscription-based service that can help employees monitor accounts, leads and case history while in the middle of a sales call. This service allows representatives to communicate with the customer while setting up an event using the scheduler program, AppExchange reported.

Along with the features that deal with in-call support, the Glance will let employees collect and store critical data that is associated with the individual companies that are being targeted for sales opportunities, according to the application provider.

Employees can also use the intelli-connect process to reach customers that are protected by firewalls, which may expand the range of leads that can be generated, reported AppExchange.