Improving the Speed of the Sales Process

Improving Sales SpeedAn effective salesperson will be able to determine which potential clients may turn out to be worthwhile customers, as wasting time on leads that will not be qualified can contribute to a lack of performance for any sales team.

A sales management team may want to instruct their sales representatives to adopt a strategy that emphasizes efficiency while limiting the time that is spent on tasks that are not directly related to generating more revenue.

Qualifying leads can be part of what makes or breaks a salesperson. Knowing which clients to pursue further and which ones to leave behind can affect the output of even the most personal representatives, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

“You’ve got to have an ideal customer profile, you need to know your target market, the characteristics of a qualified buyer, specific questions that they ask in order to solicit very specific answers to determine if in fact a prospect will proceed,” noted the executive. “You only have 3 three options – yes they’re qualified, no they’re not, or maybe and additional information is required.”

Representatives need to be taught a specific process by which they can filter the potential customers, as an effective method can save the entire department time. These salespeople need to know if they are speaking with the right people, based on both the personality of the individual and the specific arena of the company in which they reside, according to Riddleberger.

It is important to determine whether someone on the other end has purchasing power, as this notion is the key to being an effective salesperson. If they don’t have this type of control, or immediate access to anyone who does, the representative is wasting time and needs to end the correspondence, noted the executive.

“You can’t force a prospect through a sales process if they are an unqualified prospect,” said Riddleberger. “The size and scope of the sale will determine how long to spend with a prospect.”

If a product takes a significant amount of time to sell, it can be necessary to only target the potential clients with a big wallet, as the smaller candidates may not be worth the time even if the sale is finalized, according to