Leadership Work Life Balance

Leadership Life Work BalanceSales leaders need to keep both their work and life in order to maximize efficiency in both aspects, as a deficiency in one will likely carry over to the other.

A sales management team has to act as an example for their representatives while also balancing their own lives in a manner that allows for maximum performance.

Keeping a balance

Sales leaders need to preserve their positive relationships at home in order to maintain sanity when things become difficult at the workplace, according to Heather Kivett, president of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

“Managers have to develop and keep their relationships outside of the workplace in order, as rock solid foundations in a personal life can help a leader through tough times that exist in the workplace and can limit the stress of the job,” said the executive.

A sales management team might have to rely on their solid foundation at home in order to provide an air of calm around the office.

“When a manager is away on business they will often need to spend time away from their families,” noted Kivett. “You need to make up for this absence when you return from the trip in order to keep the relationship on solid footing.”

Delegate to create consistency

Sales leaders have to delegate in order to ensure that all of the needs of the company are met without putting too much pressure on themselves or any individuals.

“They need to not become a salesperson for their sales reps and elevate themselves above this level,” said Kivett. “Doing this can elevate your employees to the point where they can function independently in certain aspects of their job.”

New sales managers often still need the thrill of a sale and they create a dependency because they always feel the need to be involved with every problem that representatives may have.

“You have to put your coach hat on, as the goal of a sales leader is to have 100 percent of sales reps making their quota 100 percent of the time,” said Kivett. “It is the job of a manager to close this gap and ensure that people are hitting their numbers without getting too involved with their employee’s personal lives.”

According to the executive, it can sometimes come down to removing the people that aren’t performing to prevent the entire operation from falling part. This can also help a manager keep their own sanity, as they won’t be dragged down by an underperforming representative. This can help to improve the morale of the entire sales team.

“Everybody has to pull their own weight so that managers can go home at night with a clear conscience,” said Kivett. “If you have people that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and you are irritable because of a situation in the office, it can hurt your home life and in turn can effect the way that you operate as a manager.”

Although it may be difficult to let employees loose, the manager has to remember that everyone is part of a business. The parent-child relationship between the leaders and the representatives has to be done away with in order to ensure the success of everyone, according to the executive.

“There has to be more of a partner-to-partner business relationship with salespeople and the manager for everyone to succeed and for the company to grow,” said Kivett.