Phone Technology Aids in Sales Training

Phone TechnologyIncorporating new employees into a call center system may prove difficult for managers, as workers have to learn all aspects of a business in order to be effective salespeople.

New representatives need to spend as much time as possible learning about the business and generating leads. Technology that can save time and remove unnecessary steps from the sales process may help employees assimilate into the company framework in a shorter period of time.

The Five9 On-Demand Call Center Software for Salesforce is an application that can consolidate resources and help employees save time and company money.

Improved telemarketing capabilities like predictive calling, power dialer and client previewing enable the representative to spend less time locating customer numbers and more time making outbound calls, Appexchange reported.

New routing features can help salespeople prioritize calls and store numbers for return correspondence, noted the application provider.

Speech recognition software can also help ease the jitters of new salespeople, as the technology helps to mask certain tones during a client call, according to Five9.

The application may help managers with sales training, as learning the phones can be done effectively and quickly with the new interface.