Sales and Social Media Now Go Hand In Hand

Embrace Social MediaNew technology often provides businesses with a chance for growth and expansion. Social media has gone from a basic networking site for college kids to an expanded universe full of business professionals and potential clients. Modern companies have to look at the possible gains from such innovation, as those who are unwilling to adapt, may be left behind.

Effective sales management teams might look to implement this technology into their sales strategy, as many businesses are now opening Facebook pages and using LinkedIn to access new groups of clients and customers. Twitter feeds can help launch products, and the followers to the various networking sites can show their love for the company by joining their page.

Businesses that are looking to boost sales might be interested in posting stories to their website that can be shared on networking hubs like Facebook and Twitter. By using these sites companies may increase their exposure and find new clients by seeing what individuals are a fan of similar products and services, according to

Using these new networking tools has led to new business practices that have changed the way that the client base is viewed.

“Many organizations are questioning how they account for value,” Jonathan Hornby, Marketing Director at SAS, told Business Wire. “Instead of focusing on revenue or profit associated with an individual’s or household’s transactions, organizations are now starting to think about the value of influence and collaboration – particularly given the growth of social media.”

Companies like Toyota have begun efforts to implement the social media devices directly into their products. The Japanese carmaker has teamed up with in order to create a private network for their customers, according to Automobile Magazine.

“Toyota and share a vision to take the auto industry into the future,” said Marc Benioff, CEO of “Social and mobile technologies will transform the car ownership experience, and we are excited to be Toyota’s partner in this transformation.”

New sales strategies like this are used in an effort to get a monopoly on the younger generation of consumers and to create networks in order to ensure product loyalty and effectiveness. Marketing products over the internet is not the only way to reach the new crowd, as networking sites can act as a questionnaire for different businesses.