Sales Assessments & Hiring Go Hand in Hand

Sales Assessments and hiringIdentifying strong candidates is difficult, which is why sales assessments can be so crucial for sales managers.

According to Tom Harnish, writing for American Express’ Open Forum, 95 percent of new hires exaggerated their qualifications to obtain their position. This means that those hiring candidates must be alert and avoid making mistakes, which Harnish enumerates.

One common mistake is giving too much weight to the interview. Harnish says that doing this overrates the importance of chemistry, which while important, is not necessarily tied to one’s job performance.

Sales assessments can also be valuable since they can give sales managers a sense of how productive a person has been in their old job. The use of such tools in combination with an interview can often result in a hiring manager having a solid understanding of a candidate’s qualifications.

Other mistakes that Harnish sites as common in the hiring process is using a strong employee as a template for future hires and failing to ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding basic requirements, such as salary.