Sales Hiring Techniques That Limit the Number of Firings

Sales hiringHuman resource divisions are entrusted with the future of any company, as their decisions dictate the nature and background of the employees who will generate new business and keep the current clients happy.

While the HR division is essential to any successful company, managers should take an active role in the sales hiring process. Basic qualifications may be left up to the human resources team, but identifying the best potential representatives should take place within the sales department.

Some managers may prefer candidates that are experienced and have a resume that is full of previous positions at respected companies, but it is important to note that in the world of sales, personality tends to matter more than background, according to

Seasoned representatives with more “fixed” sales methods selling certain products or services, may be difficult to train on new ways to acquire customers. A salesperson with a lot of potential and who has not picked up any bad sales habits yet, may be molded more easily for a specific role compared to some veterans the business website reported.

Certain sales environments may not work with sales reps who sales methods are different such as those who service what they sell versus those who hand off a customer to an account manager after the initial sales is made. Hiring a mismatched sales representative can actually work to destroy a new team that needs to sell in a specific way, said Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

While the different types of employees that can be hired may vary from one management team to another, the process needs to be regimented and uniform to avoid any complications. A clear discussion about the details for hiring and firing needs to occur, as HR must be consulted so that the entire procedure is documented, says Riddleberger.

The better job that a company does during the hiring process such as clearly defining expectations and what success in that role actually means, can limit the number of employees who will be fired. If the correct parameters are laid out for the new associate, and the necessary qualifications for continuing employment are detailed, the termination of a contract is made easier, according to the executive.

Firing an employee should be a surprise to no one, as the representative in question needs to have a clear understanding about the reason for the termination, Riddleberger noted.

“When you get to the termination stage, it should be signed, sealed and delivered,” according to the executive.