Sales Job Stress? Five Ways To Relieve It

Sales StressStress is not something that is exclusive to representatives and salespeople, but the fast-paced nature of the job can lead to significant levels that may need to be monitored.

A sales management team has to emphasize healthy ways to overcome stress and eliminate difficult circumstances in order to maximize the productivity of each salesperson.

According to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, there are five ways to limit the amount of stress in the life of a salesperson.

Time Management and Priorities

Representatives who don’t allot enough time for the necessary parts of their job will often be stressed. Time management is something that needs to be taught and practiced, as inefficient use of the workday can lead to a salesperson falling behind on their priorities, something that can exacerbate a stressful situation.

Learning how to say no to meetings and demands

Non-sales-related activities like meetings and conferences can often limit the amount of time that a salesperson has during each day. Though some of these events can be helpful, a majority of the time the representative will feel that it is a distraction and unnecessary.

Representatives need to spend as much time in front of the phone as possible, and that could mean limiting the number of meetings that are attended.

Inability to manage personal life

When a representative makes bad decisions outside of the workplace it can often affect their level of commitment to the company. Individuals should look to invest in healthy relationships in order to minimize the amount of distraction that occurs, and to have a solid foundation to rely on when times get tough.

Minimize drinking, smoking, excessive caffeine

These activities can often lead to more stress, and the use of these vices as a crutch is very common. Representatives shouldn’t have to rely on multiple cups of coffee to stay awake and attentive at work, as their sales and correspondence should be enough motivation to stay on top of their game.


Though many people overlook prayer as a way to reduce stress, looking toward the heavens for guidance may help to eliminate problems and provide a source of inspiration for future dilemmas. Asking God for help is not something that is practiced enough, according to Riddleberger.