Sales Management Tips for Struggling Salespeople

Sales management for struggling salespeopleTraining activities can occur over the course of an worker’s time with a company, as the initial process may not be enough to motivate salespeople to succeed several months after the beginning of their employment.

Sales management teams may need to inspire one of their employees who has underperformed, as selling is similar to sports, where each individual may not be at their peak level during the entire season.

While some employees may seem as though they were custom fit for the role at the beginning of their job, ceilings do exist in the sales industry and a decline in performance may occur.

Managers may employ a return to the basics strategy, where the representative begins his sales calls with basic questions. These inquiries need to seek information that is essential to the customer’s business, such as asking about the number of employees, locations and how much money is spent in a given month for specific services, reported.

“Once we’ve determined the source of the issue, we evaluate the salesperson beginning at the start of the sales process,” Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said. “It doesn’t help jumping right to their closing technique and instead we work step by step from the beginning.”

Managers also need to diagnose the specific problem, as underachievement can result from personal issues, specifically problems outside of the office. If an individual is experiencing rejection at home, such as a divorce from a spouse, they may struggle to be turned down by a customer over the phone, Riddleberger noted.

If the representative can move past the personal problems that they may have on the phone and the problem is diagnosed, training may resume. Each salesperson needs to make sure that they are asking the right person within the company the basic questions, as speaking to a person that does not have any purchasing power may be counter-productive, according to

Sales management teams may also want to introduce the latest technology to help ease a struggling employee. By investing in software like the, companies can show their commitment to helping each representative.

The time-saving capabilities of the product information technology will also help employees focus on retooling their sales pitch, as the software will give them access to previous client information, sales history, specific content and external links that will help ease the process, according to AppExchange.