Sales Training Reinforcement: Making Sure It Sticks – Part Two Of Two

Sales Training ReinforceSales training activities can serve as an excellent tool to reinforce the new methods that managers want to implement in the day-to-day operations of the department.

A sales management team can use the more traditional methods like a Jeopardy-based game or another type of quiz-oriented activity to enrich sales training. While these are effective, new technologies have given executives a chance to branch out and try an all-encompassing type of learning.

The notion of E-learning, a tool that combines audio and visual reinforcement, is something that is utilized by many of the top sales consultants, according to Heather Kivett, President of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

Kivett noted that her business had its own multimedia company, Resolution Productions, and this allowed her team to shoot videos to enhance the training that was provided. Her staff would act out a specific situation and go over the ways to handle the correspondence between the representative and the buyer.

The video of the role play between the two individuals would provide the groundwork during training for the representatives and present these employees with several options for how to operate during specific encounters. They could then read about the strategy as a way to reinforce the learning before trying it out themselves, according to the executive.

“They can then go through and read about the strategy and watch the video to reinforce the technique,” said Kivett. “E-learning has become such a big deal due to the interactive aspect, there are so many different ways to reinforce correct behaviors.”

People learn in different ways, and this type of technology is more encompassing, sets a precedence, establishes a definable benchmark for each representative and shows the way that industry experts handle specific situations.

Due to the fact that it shows an individual doing an effective job of making their value proposition, a representative can enter a sales situation with that mental image in their mind and use this to fall back on if they encounter any trouble, according to Kivett.

“The delivery methods that are most effective for their clients can differ from company to company,” noted the executive. “Whether it is a big company or a small company, a big sales staff or small sales staff, salespeople all in one office or salespeople that are geographically dispersed and the different roles within sales, the methods can accommodate all of the situations that are presented.”