Save Time & Money with Sales Cloud Technology

Less administration and more time selling is the goal for every experienced company that is involved in sales.

Sales Cloud from Salesforce is a tool that can help sales management consolidate their resources and effectively maintain open correspondence between members of their team and their clients.

By putting all of the best components of available sales technology in one place, companies can effectively streamline all phases of their client interactions and peer-to-peer resource management.

According to the company’s customer survey, there was a 33 percent increase in lead conversion, a 34 percent gain in sales productivity and a 42 percent increase in the accuracy of sales forecasts.

Representatives are able to stay organized and maintain numbers for sales, both personally and within customized teams, and have access to company-wide client interaction. Activity reports keep both the managers and salespeople informed of their progress, allowing for easier tracking of potential needs that need to be filled.

The error management aspect of the technology allows for businesses to delete multiple copies of the same account, and can help to clean the database of excess information, again providing more time for lead generation.

Updating Sales Force Automation software frees up resources through organization.