Starts Ups Need Strong Sales Leader & Team to Grow

Start ups need strong sales staff

Small business owners usually start out with one area of expertise. These people may be great at marketing or the technological side of their company but it is not often that such people are great at sales, according to an article from Entrepreneur Magazine.

In the article, the argument is made that even though entrepreneurs might not be sales experts, they should stay in charge of their firm’s sales department for a variety of reasons including the fact that they know their business better than anyone else and they care about the company more than any employee could.

However, Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales coaching, training and consulting firm, said that he disagrees with this assertion because “not everyone is wired for sales.”

Sales is a vital part of any business and needs to be handled by an expert who knows how best to sell a product or service. According to Riddleberger, most businesses fail because of a lack of sales.

“The owner may have strong skills in their industry, services, management or product development. However, selling is a completely different set of skills,” he said.

Still some businesses are so small that they simply do not have the funds to bring on a sales manager or salesperson. However, this does not mean that they have to go it alone when it comes to sales as Riddleberger points out there is a solution to this problem.

“In a start-up situation, the owner may not have the funds to hire a salesperson. They can, however, hire a sales development consultant to aid in the start-up phase. As the company grows, it can quickly plateau if a sales structure with effective sales leadership is not put into place,” he said.

According to Riddleberger, there are four requirements for a company to be successful in sales.

The first is good sales leadership, which means the ability of a manager to implement sales training to educate new sales team members. Second, is hiring good salespeople, “who have the right combination of behaviors, attitudes, motivators, sales skills and cognitive ability to perform,” said Riddleberger.

Thirdly, the sales team needs to be well-trained and coached.

“Salespeople are like athletes. They need strategy, tactical guidance and constant practice and reinforcement. They need practical sales training with long-term follow-up sales coaching,” the CEO said.

And finally, a company that wants to build a strong sales force must remove roadblocks, meaning that salespeople should focus on selling products, not entering data into order entry software or the like, according to Riddleberger.