Using New Ideas, Techniques & Technology in Sales Training

Interactive trainingA business atmosphere can motivate employees to work hard by providing an efficient environment. Sometimes using a stern and professional manner when trying to motivate salespeople is not the best method to inspire innovation and creativity.

When it comes to sales training, managers might want to implore techniques that can cultivate creativity and help workers to think on their feet. Another method might be to invest in technology that helps with the process from the beginning, best preparing employees for their new roles.

Due to the fact that many salespeople do not collaborate or brainstorm ideas on their own, managers might want to coax them into doing so by implementing new methods of sharing at the next meeting.

Managers could schedule a mandatory sales meeting and ask sales reps to write an original idea on a card and present it as their admission ticket to come inside. An anonymous reading of everyone’s contributions may circulate some positive ideas around the office and open up discussions about new strategies, according to Selling Power.

Talking about problems with the system that is in place can lead to an awkward interaction between the new reps and the manager. A possible solution for this could come from another shared exercise, as employees could write down their issue on a piece of paper. This could be collected and distributed so that another worker would have to write down a solution, which could circulate new ideas around the office, the media outlet noted.

During initial sales meetings, when new employees are often nervous and hesitant, using sound effects to enhance the answers that are given can provide a comical means of introducing new sales reps to the rest of the team, Selling Power reported.

These fun tactics could be implemented to create cohesion between sales reps after employees are given an initial introduction to the world of sales by using new technology like the GoToTraining software offered by Citrix.

Interactive training sessions can be held from the desk of the manager using this software, as sessions can be set up online and then used the next day, according to Citrix.

The elimination of a formal training session can save the company time and money, and place new sales reps right into the employee pool. Representatives can view their test data and learning materials online, which could help them to better understand the new information, Citrix reported.