Ways To Improve A Customer’s Experience At A Company: Part One Of Two

Improve Customers ExperienceThe idea of a customer experience is one that many companies seem to struggle with, as there are many components outside of the specific department that are devoted to handling these situations.

A sales management team can influence each department in a way that will help to improve the experience for customers, and work to eliminate problems that can affect the amount of business that is generated.

Heather Kivett, president of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, shared several examples for what not to do when dealing with a customer.

The executive noted that she recently went to a restaurant and had to wait to be served. While many people blame the individual waiters and host staff, it is often a problem that begins with a lack of oversight and effective management.

According to Kivett, the attitude of the wait staff, host people and other members of the organization are under the control of the management team. Despite the significance of each individual’s role in the situation, there has to be a precedent that is set in order to shape a model for how workers should act and operate.

“Do you have the right people in place that are going to have the capacity to deliver a high-level customer experience?” the executive asked. “Some people just don’t have this in place or care to fix the problem, and they don’t realize that it has an effect on the whole organization and not just the specific function.”

A sales management team doesn’t want to put a non-personable individual in charge of handling clients, and although that concept may seem obvious, the practice of many companies works against the right methods.

“Your leadership has to reinforce the right things and they need to establish a premise for how the person should interact through providing them with an example of what exceptional customer service looks like,” noted Kivett.

If the company spends a significant amount of money on improving marketing and sales, and the individuals in those departments deliver, the delivery and installation of the product or service needs to be equally sufficient. When a sale is lost because of a disconnect between the departments, it is on the sales management team to correct the problem.