Why Sales Assessments are Critical for Small Businesses

Hiring Sales Small Biz

A recent article from Fox Business compiled tips about how to drive sales without bringing on a salesperson from members of The Young Entrepreneur Council.

Much of the advice in the article focuses on utilizing services such as certain websites to increase sales.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of sales consulting firm Resolution Systems, Inc., said that much of the advice in the article was conflating sales and marketing, which is not entirely correct. He said that the purpose of marketing is to drive sales and also points out that unless a product can sell itself, a salesperson is needed.

The executive says that while it can be expensive to bring in a salesperson, the investment will pay off if proper steps are taken.

“This investment can pay off it you use a good sales assessment and provide clear expectations,” Riddleberger said. “Bottom line: hiring a sales rep is a big step; one that can either be very costly or one worth gold to you and your company.”

Obviously making the most of one’s time and money is essential for small businesses and start-ups, and hiring quality salespeople is one of the best ways to make one’s company grow.